Methods for Raising Awareness and Consciousness

The adage of “Silence is Golden” can be viewed from many different perspectives. When one is quiet, it is much easier to actually hear. To effectively hear the whispers of one’s soul, it is important to understand the methodologies that are necessary to attain peace and to quiet the mind. Once one is able to find internal stillness and peace, only then is it possible to dwell in higher states of consciousness. Higher Consciousness dwells within every soul, waiting discovery in loving silence and a connection with the Divine. It is through the daily practice of meditation that one reaches a state of stillness to become one with the love frequency that devotedly awaits every opportunity for expression. Because a blocked flow of creativity (love) may be the result of past hurts or pains, forgiveness is an essential factor in attaining higher states of consciousness. To reach higher states of consciousness, one must participate in daily meditational practices that may include the use of incense, music, or other mind quieting activities that facilitate one’s soul connection to the higher frequencies of love.

Meditation, Love, Higher Consciousness

In his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams (2007), Deepak Chopra says:

“The source of all creation is pure consciousness. . . pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.” (7)

As mentioned in the “Findings” section of this document, it has been established that potentiality is Pure God Love Energy. Through love, all things are possible (it is made manifest through God). When one is resonating in any frequency less than love, it is impossible to make manifest those things that are lasting and loving. In order to realize the True Self, one must turn inward and become one with the God Self within. The only true way to reach stillness is through meditation. To enhance the meditational experience, there are techniques and practices that create a more conducive atmosphere for meditation which includes burning of candles, incense, and sometimes even uplifting music. The goal of meditation is to create Oneness with God, to be able to turn within and find peace within oneself and to realize one’s pure potentiality from the Divine Essence of Love that resides in every individual.

Therefore, the daily practice of meditation is the fastest way to realize change in one’s life because daily meditation draws one closer to the Essence of God within and hence opens one’s heart to deeper levels of love and acceptance. Part of meditative practices includes releasing, affirmations, affirmative prayer, visualization, and sometimes forgiveness (for examples of releasing affirmations or visualizations, refer to the Appendix section of this document). When an individual harbors too much negativity and cannot release negative thought patterns, they are also blocked from experiencing the Presence and Love of God. Until room is made for positive and loving thoughts, God’s Love cannot flow through to the personal mind level to then be experienced from the subconscious and heart levels. It is, therefore, essential that the personal mind level of an individual is free of negative thought patterns and low frequency energy. It should be noted that when one engages in a release technique to clear negative thought patterns, it is essential to remember to release the negative energy into God’s Loving White Light to neutralize the energy. One must then visualize the negativity being transformed into pure white light and love energy. God’s love and light is the neutralizing factor that causes the healing from negativity to positive and loving energy frequencies. Because meditation is a connection to God through stillness, one must be able to quiet the mind to hear the whispers from within.

Meditation for Inner Stillness and Peace

Meditation is communion with God and therefore may require practice in order to reach a place of stillness. If one is not meditating daily, it may take longer to quiet the mind and to reach a place of stillness to become aware of the Presence of God and His loving guidance. It is important to be able to focus the mind without letting thoughts that pass through the mind disrupt concentration. If one is having difficulty with thoughts, it is most important to simply acknowledge the thought that passes through and lovingly release it. Eventually the mind will tire and will let the thoughts go, leaving the meditator with the freedom to experience peace and stillness and eventual communion with God.

To create a more receptive atmosphere for meditational practices, there are environmental influences that can be altered to enhance the meditative experience. There have been many scientific studies that indicate that the mind is highly receptive to environmental conditions such as sounds, noises, and smells. When one begins to meditate, the room or area used for meditation should be free of clutter, outside noise, and any other distractions. To enhance the meditation experience, the use of incense or oil burners may be beneficial to quiet the mind and to raise one’s psychic vibration during meditation. To affect a mood of love, it is best to use incense or oils including Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia, Camphor, or Sweet Pea. There are other scents or smells that could be used to affect one’s vibrations; however, these particular aromas are highly effective for stimulating the heart chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

To help calm the mind and enhance focus, there are various soothing background sounds that create a relaxed or more open state of mind which augments the meditational experience. Sounds of nature such as rain or the ocean crashing on the rocks are very hypnotic to the brain and will cause the brain to focus on the sounds of the environment instead of mind chatter. Another very soothing sound to become aware of is the sound of your own breath and the inhalations and exhalations of those rhythms through the nose and out of the mouth respectively. The brain focuses on the function of breathing and the sound of the breath and causes the mind to relax and to find stillness. Also, music is an alternative to the sounds of nature that can be used (instrumental or spiritually calming) that can function to increase internal awareness and quiet the mind. The most important factor is to find the method that works best on an individual basis to ensure the greatest results for the individual seeking a divine connection with God.

Meditation is a very unique and personal experience. There is no right way and no wrong way to meditate. The end goal of making contact with the Divine within is the only purpose for mediation. While an individual who does not have much experience in meditation may not see instant results or may feel frustrated with the amount of mind chatter and an inability to focus, it is through the daily practices of meditation that focus becomes stronger and meditation becomes more effective. Meditation is the fastest way to find Oneness with God and to attune oneself with the love frequency of Higher Consciousness.

For those individuals who are adept at meditation, they fully recognize and understand the benefits and the power that lies within each of us and the Pure God Love Energy that expresses as pure potentiality. For those who meditate alone, they are definitely attuned to the power of the love within and benefit from their meditative efforts. According to Dr. Paul Leon Masters, couples who meditate but meditate separately still share an exchange of the connection to the God Source within, especially if the couple shares the same bed. For those people who choose to meditate together, there are many advantages. When a couple meditates together, they can often experience an increase in the love connection to the Divine. If a couple wishes to strengthen their personal love relationship, it is possible to meditate in a “back to back” position. The “back to back” position aligns the chakra centers and creates an exchange and balance of the masculine and feminine energies that consequently boosts their connection to the Divine. Again, if these individuals sleep in the same bed together, not only is there an exchange during meditation, but there is also an exchange in the delta levels of sleep from the oneness connection to the Divine within (Masters, 2012).


While meditation is the connection to the God Source within, there must be no blockages in the physical mind that would hinder the flow of consciousness. Many individuals have a tendency to hang on to perceived painful experiences, rightly or wrongly. The fact that forgiveness is another characteristic and quality trait of God is a qualifying truth as to why forgiveness is essential for connectedness and growth in Oneness with God. In Colin Tipping’s book, Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, Find Peace in Any Situation (2009), he details the spiritual truth of forgiveness and also the significance of one’s ability to “rewrite” their hurts in order to release any of the negative thoughts or emotions that are holding them back from experiencing a life of bliss. Tipping has the mantra that one must find the gift in every situation in order to be able to grow forward without any attachment to negative emotions or low frequency thought patterns that inhibit an individual from experiencing life from a vantage of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. The premise behind his teachings is that while one may feel like a victim in the onset of the situation, many times one can review the circumstances and find the reason behind the cause and can then more readily accept personal responsibility for their part in the perceived conflict and pain. When an individual is able to see the root cause of the situation, it is easier to lovingly release any attachment or hurt that was experienced or perceived before (a copy of the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet is included in the Appendix of this document). Similar to the teachings of Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Tipping stresses that the reason for fault is truly insignificant when one can see the pain and the lackluster life that is being made manifest from the blocked flow of creativity and the loss of one’s connectedness to God. The reality is that forgiveness is more for the person feeling the hurt than for the person who caused the perceived pain. When one can accept the fact that conflict may arise from a soul purpose expression (personal growth, experience of loss, love, whatever the gift), then it is easier to forgive the situation and realize that each soul has chosen its incarnation in this physical form to experience particular life lessons. It is not the responsibility of any individual other than the soul experiencing the pain to recognize the growth that is manifesting from the perceived pain. Tipping further argues that his personal belief is that every soul that has incarnated in physical form does so with the intent and purpose to experience separation from the Divine. He contends that one’s soul chooses to experience separateness until the soul awakens and realizes the truth in Divine Love and then can return to the reality of the knowingness of God’s Love within. Therefore, one can choose to forgive at any time, with or without the knowledge or consent of the perpetrator of the pain.

Forgiveness is a choice and is a means to open any blocked flow from the Divine Within. Once one is able to forgive and to release the negative energies that are blocking the flow, one can then experience creativity, intuitive guidance, wisdom, love, and all other attributes of God. One should not forget the importance of self forgiveness to allow Oneness with God and to experience a life of bliss. Only when one is able to release the need to hang on to past hurts or negative thought patterns can they begin to live a life of love, acceptance, and forgiveness in blissful Oneness with God. And it is through daily meditation that Oneness with God is achieved and maintained. It is important that individuals take a few moments everyday to find the stillness within and to be open to the guidance and love of God.

Awareness is the key to successfully living in Higher Consciousness. When one is able to realize the power behind daily meditation for the connection to the Divine, the truth of forgiveness (acceptance of others), and the power of love, Higher Consciousness becomes a way of life. Living life from a state of congruence within the heart, the mind, and the body creates the necessary environment for one to resonate in the higher frequencies of love and to experience daily living from Higher Consciousness.